Recap of this year 2018
Chestnut Hill & ASA Coaches 
Opening Night of the 6th Annual Bahamas Sports Festival on August 1st, 2018

August 2nd Youth Baseball Clinic @ Emera Park



August 2nd -4th  Baseball Competition @ Emera Park 

8U Championship


10U Championship 


Baseball Equipment Drive

An equipment drive produced 18 bats, 71 fielders & catching gloves, 64 batting helmets, 12 pairs of shin guards, 3 chest protectors, 6 catchers masks, 16 umpire masks, 48 baseballs, cleats, batting tees, and one much needed portable mound. In addition a $940 donation was made to the Bahamas Baseball Federation


Parade of Nations on October 31st 


Mexico 15U vs Grand Bahama 15U


MLB Scouts looking on to Batting Practice 


Aruba vs USA 15U Championship


USA 15U won 


Venezuela vs Columbia 18U Championship


Columbia won 


Mario with some of the different coaches from the tournament at the Coaches Watch Party hosted by Bru's Room 


Columbia 18U  with their Championship Trophy