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About Us

At CBO, we try to continuously extend our efforts to use the sport of baseball as a powerful tool to foster growth and development among children and young adults. We firmly believe that baseball can provide unparalleled opportunities for individuals to discover and hone their unique talents and capabilities, ultimately leading to personal growth and achievements beyond their imaginations. Our unwavering focus on creating such opportunities for young people worldwide is at the core of our organization's values and principles.

Building Baseball Round the World

Little League Baseball Game


At the heart of our mission is the goal to provide children and young adults in underprivileged and underdeveloped nations with the opportunity to grow and develop through baseball. We believe that the sport of baseball has the power to unlock the full potential of each individual, enabling them to discover and cultivate their unique skills and abilities. Our mission is to establish this opportunity for young people around the world, empowering them to become the best versions of themselves and achieve personal growth beyond their wildest dreams.


Mario Signorello

Founder of the Caribbean Baseball Organization


WCPB MVP Sal Stewart Team USA 15u - 2022 1st Round Pick KC Royals


Commissioner Rob Manfred - 2020 governor  spring baseball dinner


Gil Abdala at the Bahamas Sports Festival


Former Negro American League Allstar & Hall of fame Buck o'nail


In the Dominican Republic with Bartolo colón and Julian Tavares


Opening day at marlins 2018

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